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The passing of a loved one is always a very difficult time and we aim to take as much of the burden of arranging a funeral away from the remaining family members.

Avalon Funerals, a member of the Avalon Group of companies, is dedicated to offering a complete, comprehensive and affordable service in the funeral industry.

Our professional staff members all adhere to our code of ethics and believe in high levels of service. Everyone deserves to be treated with empathy, respect and dignity, especially in times of emotional duress, and that forms an integral part of our ethos at Avalon Funerals.
What makes Avalon Funerals even more unique is that we offer all the services needed to help you through this difficult period, all under one roof. By simply dialling 0860 051 051, you can put in motion a series of events aimed at taking most of the physical aspects required when dealing with the passing of a loved one, away from you, giving you time to grieve and to come to terms with the loss, which is the first step in the healing process.

Sadly, death is an unavoidable part of life and we cannot offer you the one thing which you really want – the return of your loved one. But we can help you to make the final farewell of your loved one a dignified occasion, taking care of all of the administration and arrangement issues, thereby allowing you time to say goodbye without the worries of managing the process.

At Avalon Funerals, everything we do is founded upon the principles of CONSCIENTIOUSNESS, COMPASSION, DIGNITY AND RESPECT

Allow us to assist you and your family, by calling Avalon Funerals on 0860 051 051.

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