Our Facilities

Because Avalon Funerals subscribes to the Code of Conduct and Ethics of both the National Funeral Directors Association, as well as those of the International Federation of Funeral Directors, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our facilities are world class. Our standards of hygiene, as well as the theatres themselves, are modelled around the facilities found at a hospital.

We believe most strongly that our loved ones, although deceased, deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, which can only be accomplished if the faculties themselves are conducive to this dignity and respect.

We offer a comprehensive and modern post mortem and transportation facility.

Professional effectiveness is critical and maintaining the highest ethical standards and respect to the deceased in a surgically clean and sterile environment is of paramount importance and not negotiable.

Additional Services:

  • Modern and complete facilities.
  • Post mortem facilities.
  • Embalming facilities
  • All administration and certificates.
  • Sealing special linings of coffins for expatriation purposes (across international borders) according to internationally prescribed codes.
  • Collection of mortal remains at any hospital, morgue or undertaker for local post mortem with optimal facilities.
  • Transportation of mortal remains to any hospital, morgue or undertaker requested by the family via road or air (if necessary).
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