Luco Crispin - Funeral Manager

In addition to many certificates and courses in the Funerary Industry, Luco has an extensive background in the events management and the hospitality industry.

Luco is a most empathic and considerate person by nature and his experience in the hospitality industry further enables him to relate with the family with kindness and respect.

His experiences as an events manager have given him the skill to ensure that your loved ones funeral is imbued with the love, respect and dignity which you hold for them and to be certain that the proceedings are properly co-ordinated and managed.

Rudolph Botha – Assistant Funeral Manager

Rudolph has undergone all of the required training to qualify as a Funeral Industry professional. He was an officer in the military for over 20 years, with particular experience in logistics.

Rudolph is ideally qualified to ensure that all of the administration and planning of the funeral are managed with military precision and efficiency.
In addition, there is an efficient team of administrative staff who are trained to take care of all of your needs with honesty, integrity and respect.

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