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The Avalon Group is dedicated to the restoration of Dignity to the burial process. Dignity is our primary focus, because we believe that it is the right of everyone to be treated with dignity during their burial, as well as to be buried in an environment imbued with this dignity. At the same time, the Avalon Group is intent upon remodelling the burial industry, to provide this dignity within a framework of world class service delivery as well as ensuring that the costs of our services remain fair and affordable.

The Avalon Group embodies a fresh perspective to all of the elements of the burial industry.

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The Alternative


The Avalon Memoriam offers an effective and acceptable burial alternative to the people of South Africa, providing a safe and beautiful place to lay your loved ones to rest. Because we are also keenly aware of the environment, realising that water pollution as well as under utilisation of land are real and evident dangers to our future, our Memoriam design results in a 99% saving in land use and a 100% reduction in ground contamination.

Avalon Funerals


Another important development is the establishment of Avalon Funerals, a world class Funeral Service provider, offering Funeral Packages of excellence and dignity. The transparency of our packages assures our customers of the same value for money evident in all Avalon products.

Comprehensive Insurance


There is also a unique Funeral Insurance product under our Avalon Memorial Group Scheme Funeral Insurance Plan. It is a life insurance based product, offering affordable, extensive and comprehensive funeral cover for the entire family.

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